We welcome you to be juried for membership in the Society of Southern Maine Craftsmen (SSMC). Membership in SSMC is open to all Craftspeople that are legal residents of the State of Maine. SSMC is a statewide, non-profit organization for people who are seriously interested in quality handcrafts. Its purpose is to:

  • promote high standards of craftsmanship
  • provide exhibits and create sales outlets for its members

SSMC sponsors the following for its Members:

  • Craft shows*
  • Meetings
  • Newsletters

* Membership does not guarantee a space in the shows, but it does make a crafter eligible when an opening exists.

SSMC has an excellent reputation for selling high quality and long lasting handcrafts. Our aim is to maintain that reputation.

The Jury Committee will be looking for originality, imagination and appropriateness of design. We ask for several examples of work to show consistency, attention to detail and skill of workmanship. Products exhibited or sold must be crafted by the member so that HIS/HER expertise is clearly evident. If a member only makes part of the product it must be a significant part.

For more information about membership in the Society of Southern Maine Craftsmen call Rhonda Pelletier (207) 882-9441 or Cindy Robbins (207) 208-7290 or send us an email at info@societyofsouthernmainecraftsmen.org